Demonstrate that you have a lot of interesting things to do. This does not mean that you need to lie, talking about personal business or cool friends. Just try to occupy yourself with something interesting. Sign up at the gym or start going to the pool. Convince the girl that you have almost no free time.
Take control of your situation. Make the girl start looking for meetings with you. Women always value and strive for what they don�t have. The less likely your meeting will be, the more eagerly the girl will expect her. However, you should not go too far: if you postpone a date every time, the girl may refuse it altogether.
Surprise your sweetheart. Making the girl appreciate you is not easy at all, especially if her life has turned into solid gray everyday life. Arrange for your beloved one pleasant surprises, please her with small gifts. Wake up early and make her breakfast.Bring romance to your relationship, and the result will not take long.
Take concrete action. If no means works, and your girl still refuses to appreciate your concern, then stop communicating with her at least for a while. Let her understand how good she was with you and how uncomfortable and lonely she was now. Man is so constituted that he begins to appreciate something only after it loses it or loses it. Let your girlfriend lose you, and if she realizes her mistakes, then allow me to re-experience the beauty of your relationship.
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Tip 2: How to start to appreciate yourself

To learn to appreciate yourself is to become a more successful and harmonious person. If you begin to evaluate yourself fairly, you will treat your environment in the same way. After all, the right attitude to yourself - a pledge of a good attitude towards others.
How to start to appreciate yourself
The main thing in relation to yourself is to understand that you are a unique person and everything that happens to you is happening only for you. Just do not overdo it and do not become an egoist.
You have conceived a thousand cases, plans, you do not even have time to rest, so you are in a hurry to do it all. Reach one and immediately go to another. Tell yourself: �Stop!�.Stop and thank yourself for what has already been achieved. Try to enjoy the moment even a small victory. After all, achievements are needed in order to have such moments of triumph.
Even with a busy daily work schedule, learn how to find time to relax. Learned to work? So should be able to relax. In addition to the profession you should have a hobby, favorite hobbies and personal life. After a good rest, work will be a joy, and you will do it easily. If you can not afford a great vacation, enjoy the weekend at the cottage, arrange a bike ride or go camping for mushrooms. There are many options, most importantly, the presence of desire.
Never compare yourself with other people. Even if they are three times better or worse than you. In the first case, earn yourself a nervous breakdown and devalue yourself, but in the second you risk becoming proud. Try to understand that each person has his own way on earth and his own purpose, so why not compare yourself with others - you still cannot live their lives.
Keep your head and hands on business. You will sit without work, you will not begin to appreciate yourself.Often this happens when a person simply does not see or does not want to notice his abilities or talents, but prefers to sit around and spend time wasted. This type of people is not able to appreciate themselves and, burning life, does not create anything because of elementary laziness. If you recognize such traits in yourself, have courage and begin to appreciate yourself. Further intuition will tell you the right way.
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Tip 3: How to appreciate yourself

Wrong education, complexes in childhood - all this leads to the fact that a person does not know how to value himself. Maybe a person can value friendship, value loved ones, value life - but he doesn�t know how to know himself, and he doesn�t know how. And though it is sad, but fixable.
how to appreciate yourself
Many people do not know how to appreciate themselves for the simple reason that they are simply not trained. After all, people know how to appreciate their loved ones, appreciate their time and can not learn to appreciate themselves. Let us examine several methods of how to start to value yourself, as well as become a more confident and optimistic person.
First and foremost, make a list of your correct and good deeds. So you will understand that you really have something to appreciate.This will be your push to understand yourself.
Self esteem
In order to learn to appreciate yourself, you need to improve your self-esteem. Since it will depend on your understanding of yourself and your actions. Without normal self-esteem, a person will not be able to do productive things for the simple reason that he is not confident and often suspicious. Bring your self-esteem to normal, and you will begin to respect not only yourself, but also appreciate life, appreciate friendship and appreciate the present.
Self development
To better understand yourself, you need to engage in self-development. People who are constantly evolving, understand life better and, as a result, become more successful, self-sufficient people than ordinary people. Make your development, attract to the development not only yourself but also your loved ones. Then you realize that many moments really depend on you and you can really influence their essence. For the better. Awareness of their mistakes is a real, real experience, based on which you can take more correct steps.
Love and respect yourself
We must be able to love ourselves in order to learn to love others, to understand their thoughts and feelings.Do people appreciate someone who does not love them? Definitely not. Your life will become more positive and optimistic if you learn to love yourself, realize that there is nothing bad or purely selfish in this. Love yourself - respect others.
Love and respect yourself
To learn to appreciate yourself, you need to stop sitting in one place. Deeds - that is what defines a person as a person. Learn to love yourself and act in your own way - and you learn to appreciate not only yourself, but also to understand family, relatives and friends. Doing things that you yourself like is a real pleasure.
actions define a person
Helpful advice
Do not overdo it in the field of self-esteem. High self-esteem is worse than low self-esteem, since a person overestimates the significance of his actions and ceases to value others.

Tip 4: How to make him appreciate me

It often happens that over time, men begin to take all our actions for granted. They cease to appreciate housework and efforts to make life more comfortable. Many women face this problem, but not everyone is capable of solving it.
How to make him appreciate me
First of all, it is not necessary to take all the homework on your fragile shoulders.For many women, it seems that no one but them is able to cope with the chores of the house. Distribute responsibilities between you. You, after all, are not a draft horse to carry everything on yourself. Let your man participate in the domestic process with you. This will allow you to save power and save time.
Love yourself, then your man will begin to appreciate you. Spend more time on yourself. Men are always attracted to beautiful and well-groomed women, moreover, his self-esteem will certainly grow in direct proportion to your sexuality. Give yourself time every day, at least half an hour a day. You must look perfect from the tip of the hair to the tips of the nails.
Remember that all men are hunters by nature, so play with him. Let him conquer you again. To do this, build yourself a "touchy" and spend as much time as possible among other people, in which case a man will more and more want to be alone with you. Just do not forget about flirting, flirt with your man. Answer compliments with gratitude. Men love confident women.

Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change

Cheating is a fairly frequent occurrence in relationships that have entered the stage of habit and stability. Men by their nature are more prone to polygamy, so many girls sooner or later have the question "How to make a guy not change?". And the first answer is the fact that you can't force anyone to do something or not do it. The solution of this question must be approached with the help of less obvious, but more effective methods.
How to make a guy not change
Do not formulate your task as �Making a guy or a young man do something,� as this implies aggressive or forceful actions, with which nothing can ultimately be achieved. Tantrums, threats, scandals, perhaps for some time will restrain your young man from cheating, but soon he wants to not only change, but also to leave you, even if he hadn�t thought about other women before.
If you think that your boyfriend can begin to change, perhaps it�s not just him, because the relationship is built by two people. Simply, as a rule, men are more prone to freedom and they are quickly bored with monotony and bored feelings. Diversify your relationships, learn to be tolerant, show more attention.So that the guy did not change you, you can only change your behavior, but make it fail. Be interested in his habits, interests. Respect his friends and do not forbid to meet with them. In general, you can not forbid anything to your young man, just as it is impossible to force not to change, because he has his own rights. Relationships must be built on mutual trust.
Do not be jealous - do not make hysterics, scandals, showdown. So you only get tired of the relationship, and he will find a woman who will not beat his nerves. Better demonstrate your interest in him, admire him. Jealousy can be shown, but in moderation, as a joke.
Take care of yourself, give yourself more time - a beautiful and well-groomed girl is harder to change. Increase your self-esteem, it is possible that this is the reason for your fears about treason. Try to describe yourself only from the best side, remember all your virtues - both character and appearance. Always be calm, sometimes you can show indifference, inaccessibility, to make a man feel like a hunter.
In many cases, women are guilty of treason, as their behavior leads to the fact that they no longer appreciate. Revise your views on life and relationships.

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Images: Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change
Images: Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change
Images: Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change
Images: Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change Tip 5: How to make a guy not to change