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Smart Company is considered the world leader in the production of interactive whiteboards. It was she who in the distant 1986 developed the concept of a touch screen, and in 1991 she released the first board for consumers. Since then, various lines of simple and convenient solutions have been developed, allowing to increase the efficiency of training and improve the quality of teamwork.

An interactive whiteboard Board is a screen, the image on which is projected using a projector. The projector reads the information, transferring it to the computer. Thanks to a specially designed intuitive control, you can work not only with special markers, but also with your finger, elbow, palm, pencil and other methods.

Smart Notebook software is installed on the best interactive boards of the Board - you can work with any text, objects, audio recordings, video materials, resources of the world wide web. The platform allows you to take notes directly on top of open documents and save information, and documents will open with the same programs.

Popular modelsinteractive whiteboards smart board

The SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard is considered the best in terms of price-performance ratio. You can control the graphics with a dry marker, fingers or palm, while pairing is possible. The small screen size (maximum 77 inches) limits the scope of application, it is better suited for small classes or companies, this is an interactive children's board.

The SMART Board 680 model has much more functionality. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and is easy to manage thanks to a specially designed ECP panel. Lessons with an interactive whiteboard are much more fun and richer thanks to new features.

The SMART Board X880 interactive whiteboard combines even more innovations and functions. In the eighth series, DviT technology is implemented, thanks to which several people can work simultaneously at different ends of the board. Using simple gestures, you can rotate, move objects, change the scale of images.

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Top Smart Interactive Whiteboards

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Top Smart Interactive Whiteboards

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