The Sopranos - The Healing Power of Paulie Walnuts

Walnut: what is its healing power

Several hundred years ago, when medicine was not yet so developed, healers used walnut leaves as original patches. Imposed on an open wound, they not only disinfected it, but also contributed to rapid healing. Already today, with the help of experiments and clinical trials, it has been proven that this effect is far from random.
Scientists investigated the fruits of the plant mentioned in ancient treatises, and concluded that these small balls are a treasure trove of vitamins. The potent antibacterial substance juglon was isolated from the peel of immature nuts. Now this alkaloid is actively used in the manufacture of medicines. Moreover, it turned out that walnut juice can be very useful not only for cuts, but also in many other cases.
It is difficult to list all the ailments from which the leaves and fruits of this familiar and very common tree are capable of protecting.For example, some types of tuberculosis, toothache, gout, gynecological diseases, kidney and heart diseases are treated with water extract from the leaves and pericarp. However, it should be borne in mind that the juice in its pure form can be very toxic, so it can not be used without appropriate treatment.
As for the fruits, they were able to surprise the experts. Fatty oil, constituting 74% of the pulp, is very effective in ear and eye diseases, and is also suitable for the treatment of skin ulcers. Having treated the delicious contents, do not rush to throw away the shell. Rich in tannins, ascorbic acid and carotene, it will help stabilize the pressure in hypertension.
Nut kernels perfectly restore power. The proteins they contain are an excellent feed for both the muscles and the brain. Doctors recommend adding them to food for patients undergoing rehabilitation after a long illness. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and many other mineral salts will help stimulate the metabolism.

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Walnut: what is its healing power

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Walnut: what is its healing power

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