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#WCW: Cindy Crawford

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#WCW: Cindy Crawford
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When it comes to the 90s Supermodels, Cindy Crawford has always been our favorite. Her pride in her beauty and her brains showed us that we could be both the smartest AND the most glamorous girl in the room. Her signature mole made us all feel a little prouder of our unique features. And in a world of celebrities who’d rather spontaneously combust than show off an unretouched photo, she handles the emergence of an unphotoshopped Marie Claire photo with supreme confidence. Because she knows that her body, just as it is, is a source of pride–never shame.

For all these reasons (and so many more!), Cindy Crawford is this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday. Let’s take a look back at some of her best and most beautiful looks.

Those brows! That perfectly highlighted tortoiseshell hair! Cindy's look in 1990 is basically what we're aspiring to today.

At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, Cindy clearly needed such huge hair to fill with all her supermodel secrets.

Can you deal with how amazing this photo is? Though she was definitely known for her VERY over-the-top glamour, Cindy look gorgeous in minimal makeup, honey-toned highlights and nude lipstick.

By 1995, Cindy's look had been honed to perfection: slightly thinner and more arched brows, a serious serving of blush, dark eyeliner around the outer corners of her stunning brown eyes and slightly darker lipliner. (Hey, the 90s happened to us all.)

Cindy is living proof that a signature look doesn't have to be boring. Big, voluminous hair, spicy brown makeup and gorgeous skin = eternal perfection.

This is for all the haters who tell brunettes not to wear pink blush or pale pink lipstick. Cindy did it best.

In 2002, Cindy remade her classic Pepsi commercial with the tagline "Some things never change...but some things do." We love her updated voluminous hair and subtle smoky eyes--bonus points for not succumbing to the 90s trend of super overplucked brows.

This photo was taken in 1997. Look at this woman and marvel at her skin and flawless brows. Whatever witchcraft she's doing in her life to look this amazing, we want in on it.

Cindy is the master of switching up her beauty game without totally abandoning the look that she loves. With slightly more autumnally-toned hair, a subtle yet defined take on the smoky eye and golden peach lips in 2012, she's serving Classic Crawford in a way that isn't dated.

We talk a lot about celebrities killing it on the red carpet, but at the 2015 Golden Globes, Cindy KILLED. IT. Every aspiring starlet, take notes--this is how it's done.

Video: Cindy Crawford Shares Makeup Free Selfie

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