How to Grow the Easiest Cucumber that Produces the Most Fruit

What are the most productive cucumbers in 2019

Among the most productive varieties for closed ground can be noted "F1 Pinocchio." This is an early hybrid, and very productive. Already in the beginning of summer you will be able to enjoy the first cucumbers. Fruits of medium length (up to 8 cm). Suitable for cooking salads, and for pickling, and marinating.
Large yield yield cucumbers varieties "Zozulya", long fruits from 20 to 30 cm in length. Very fragrant, so great for cooking salads and okroshka. Up to 7 kg of cucumbers can be removed from one bush.
Stable yield in hybrids "Courage F1". It is a bouquet-type cucumber, that is, it can form up to 10 ovaries in one sinus. The fruits are even, the average length is 12-15 cm. The plant is suitable for growing in greenhouses, and in open ground.
Cold-resistant and shade-tolerant hybrid "Emerald flow F1". This is a salad-type cucumber that bears fruit constantly and for a fairly long period, so you will be guaranteed a harvest throughout the season.
In the open ground, the variety “Altai Early 166”, proven by more than one generation of gardeners, is considered to be the most productive. Early cucumber. 40 days after the emergence of shoots, you can try the first fragrant cucumbers.
Up to 10-12 kg from 1 square meter. Such a crop gives the grade "Nugget". The fruits are not very large, but they are very much on one plant. The cucumber does not form a lot of side lashes, so you can not form a bush, which is very convenient for busy summer residents.
Very tasty salted cucumbers hybrid "Swallow F1". The plant is very resistant to powdery mildew, so a steady crop is guaranteed. However, yields are significantly reduced in the northern regions and in Siberia.
The fruit of the Farmer variety is universal, they are suitable for making salads, for pickling, and for pickling. But the most important quality of this cucumber is its yield; under favorable conditions, the plant produces up to 12-14 kg from 1 square meter of planting. However, the variety is late, therefore the fruits appear only 2 months after the appearance of the first shoots.
An excellent hybrid for open and closed ground - "Masha F1". The plant is self-pollinating, with a predominantly female type of flowers.


How To Double Your Cucumber Production?
What are the most productive cucumbers in 2019

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