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What color varnish will be in fashion in 2014

In 2014, as in any other season, there are unconditional favorite colors. However, the eternal classics also remains popular. Therefore, well-groomed hands with pastel-colored varnish will always look advantageous. In addition, beige, white, light pink or clear lacquer are appropriate in any situation, such a manicure can fit in both classic and sporty style.

Fashionable colors varnish 2014

This year again matte varnish becomes actual. It looks elegant, emphasizing the shape of the nails. Choosing such a lacquer, you must remember that it makes visible any defects of the manicure. But the shiny lacquer visually aligns the surface of the nail plate.Among the pastel shades in 2014, the most popular are coffee, mother-of-pearl, white, solid and fully transparent shades.
In 2014 it becomes fashionable and metallic colors. These are silver, gold, platinum, bronze and even copper, chrome or nickel. These cosmic colors look original, you need to rememberThat such shades should be combined with accessories of the same color and use a minimum of jewelry for the image.
In the list of fashion trends there are also black, red varnishes. Moreover, they can be combined with each other, for example, creating a craquelure effect. But the black color of lacquer is inappropriate in the office, for study, it is rather an evening version. Choose a red lacquer is necessary, based on skin tone, especially the shape of nails. Burgundy shades are more suitable for tanned skin, crimson - with a pale, and scarlet - with a slightly dark skin.

What colors of manicure are popular today?

The relevance preserves the manicure on Feng Shui, when the nails are painted in different colors. Bimanicure or manicure is also in fashion according to your mood. This trend also calls for the use of several shades - related or contrasting - at once to create a perfect manicure.It is best to use metallic colors for nails with a square shape and medium length. It is on these nails silver, golden shades look perfect.
The favorite of designers in 2014 is bright blue, gently blue. It is necessary to select the color of lacquer, focusing on the color trends of the season in clothes.So, this year you can safely paint your nails with light green, turquoise, yellow, purple and coral varnish. All these colors are very bright, attracting attention. And if you want, you can use them for a french manicure to make a daily version of the manicure. Or make decorate nails with vertical, horizontal stripes. In short, in 2014 you can fantasize plenty, choosing your favorite colors of nail polishes.

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What color varnish will be in fashion in 2014

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What color varnish will be in fashion in 2014

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