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What instruments does the guitar relate to

Guitar refers to stringed musical instruments. The source of sound in it is a set of strings of different thickness. The same group includes violin, harp, cello, domra, balalaika and some other popular instruments. But the manner of playing melodies and the method of extracting sound when playing the guitar is different.
Externally, an acoustic guitar is a hollow body inside that has smooth contours and a long and narrow neck attached to it, which is called a guitar neck. On the working side, the neck of the guitar has a flat or slightly convex surface. This profile allows you to firmly press the strings to the surface of the neck with your fingers.
Strings stretched along the neck. One end of them is attached to a stand mounted on the case; with the other end each string is held on a special spinner. The string lies on two thresholds, the distance between which determines the length of the working part of the instrument.The tension of the strings is regulated by a special mechanism. It allows you to tune each string individually.
The sound in the guitar occurs when the strained strings vibrate. The pitch and timbre of the instrument's sound depend on the thickness and the force of their tension. The shorter and thinner the string, the more it is stretched, the higher will be the sound extracted from it. The guitar player can control the pitch by changing the length of the working part of the strings. To do this, press them with your fingers on a certain fret, that is, take chords.
Modern guitar is equipped with steel, carbon or nylon strings having different thickness. A set of strings is chosen in such a way that they make sounds of a strictly defined height in the system. The purity of the guitar depends on the ability to set it up correctly.
The volumetric case of an acoustic guitar is able to significantly amplify the vibrations of the strings touched by the guitarist. This vibration is transmitted to the body of the guitar. The resonance created causes a change in the air masses surrounding the body, and the melodic sound from this magnificent string instrument spreads far around.

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What instruments does the guitar relate to

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