The Kremlin is far more than just a building

What is in the Kremlin

The Kremlin itself was created as a military fortification and existed even under the tribal system. The Kremlin acquired its modern appearance in the 15th century, when the old white stone wall was destroyed and replaced with a red brick wall with towers.
According to the architects, Cathedral Square became the center of the palace ensemble. On its territory, the oldest Kremlin churches were built from the surviving to this day - the Annunciation, Archangel and Assumption cathedrals, as well as the church bell tower Ivan the Great - it was the tallest building in Moscow until the 18th century. In the same place is the Faceted Chamber - a structure built by decree of Ivan III. It served as a reception at the palace, as well as a place to celebrate major state events.
In the 17th century, the Teremnaya Palace was added to the Faceted Chamber. There lived the king and his family from the time of Mikhail Romanov to the transfer of the capital to St. Petersburg.
In the 18th century, construction continued on the territory of the Kremlin. An arsenal was built to store weapons stockpiles.In the XIX century it was a museum of the Patriotic War, and now it is an administrative building for the needs of the government.
In the next century, the Grand Kremlin Palace was built in the southern part of the Kremlin. Now this building plays the role of the presidential residence, where they receive ambassadors, hold inauguration and other official ceremonies.
In the same period the Armory was built. This is one of the most interesting museums of the Moscow Kremlin, where numerous jewels donated by foreign ambassadors and formerly owned by the tsars are kept. One of the most famous exhibits is the Monomakh's Cap.
In general, the Kremlin is the most valuable monument of Russian and world history and is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

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Images: What is in the Kremlin What is in the Kremlin
Images: What is in the Kremlin What is in the Kremlin
Images: What is in the Kremlin What is in the Kremlin
Images: What is in the Kremlin What is in the Kremlin