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What should be a guy?

Achievements and habits

Fixed salary. Young students can afford to drive a girl for a date in the park. But when an adult 25-year-old boy continues to save on his beloved, it is worth thinking about your future. It is not a matter of mercantilism, but of the possibility of providing the family with at least a minimum.
After 20 years, the guy must imagine what he wants from life and how to achieve it. When a young man lives one day and does not think about his future, he begins to degrade. It is difficult to meet and plan family life with a person for whom there is only today.
A man should be able to protect his girlfriend from teasers and attacks. For this useful physical strength. It is not necessary to be an athlete or a bully pumped up, but you need to be able to stand up for your beloved.
A guy with a strong character is valued among girls. Only in this way will he be able to overcome all the difficulties in life, to protect his family from problems and hardships. For such a man, women will feel like a stone wall.
The absence or small amount of bad habits. Drink a little on a holiday is allowed. But if a man does not imagine Friday without alcohol or smokes a few packs a day, think about your future. You and your children will have to live in an unhealthy environment, so stay away from men with bad habits.

Character traits

Reliability is a very important trait in a man. A girl should know that she can rely on her partner. When help is needed, he will provide it, and not throw “I'm busy” on the phone. It also implies that the guy keeps his word and keeps promises.
A caring man is the dream of many women. Among his friends and at work, he can be tough and domineering, but at home he takes care of his girlfriend. Gifts, help around the house, sympathy or elementary care during an illness. Such small actions cost much more than big words and promises.
With a sense of humor. Girls love men who can make them laugh. With the help of a good joke you can break the ice during an argument, solve many problems in a relationship. To live with a cheerful and optimistic guy is much more pleasant than with a gloomy and serious one.
The ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Girls seek advice from their man.And if he cannot deal with the problem, the girl will seek help elsewhere or rely only on her own strength. Therefore, it is desirable that the guy was with a lively mind and was able to solve life troubles.
But the most important rule - the guy must be loved. Because no perfect man who fits all the listed characteristics will suit you if you don't love him. Any little thing will be annoying, and all the advantages look fake.

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Images: What should be the guy What should be the guy
Images: What should be the guy What should be the guy
Images: What should be the guy What should be the guy
Images: What should be the guy What should be the guy