5 Ways to Get Your Parents to say YES!

What to ask parents for the New Year

If you are tormented by the question with a gift, and you do not know what you want, try to remember your cherished desires. Perhaps there is something you have been dreaming about for a long time. Or during the year there were thoughts, wishes, about the desired gift. This may be a sweater from the windows of a new clothing store, which you saw while walking or a new earphone like a friend’s.
If you doubt between two things, decide what you need and want to get more. Of course, it is difficult to choose, for example, between a new phone model and a tablet. But still think that you need more. Think about the merits and functionality of each item. Imagine that January 1 in your hands was the first thing, what are your feelings? Now imagine that you were given a second. Think more pleased.
Do not ask your parents for money. On the New Year is not accepted. An alternative option may be a gift certificate.
Do not ask for very expensive gifts, for example, jewelry with diamonds.If you see that parents can not afford to buy a new car or expensive household appliances, do not ask them for something transcendental. Consider some budget option gift.
The gift does not have to be real or material. This may be a trip abroad or a holiday in the southern regions, a trip to another city or a trip to a sanatorium. If you don’t want to go anywhere, you can choose something from entertainment, for example, a balloon flight or a parachute jump.
Think about what you are missing. Maybe you need new boots for the winter or a new laptop. You can ask your parents to pay for bowling or paintball.
Talk to your friends, think together. You may want to get the same as your boyfriend or girlfriend.
If you have been dreaming about a kitten or puppy for a long time, ask for a new friend for the New Year. Be sure to tell your parents that you will take care of him and are ready to bear responsibility for him. Show how much you want it and that it means a lot to you. Then you will be more likely to get what you want.
If you have a hobby or favorite hobbies, you can ask for something related.For example, you have long wanted to learn how to play tennis. Ask for a tennis racket. Perhaps you want to learn how to play the guitar, ask for a guitar as a gift. If you are an artist, ask your parents for a large set of paints or pencils.
A possible gift may be something for self-development, for example, a gym membership, painting courses or a foreign language.

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Images: What to ask parents for the New Year What to ask parents for the New Year
Images: What to ask parents for the New Year What to ask parents for the New Year