A Simple Trick on How to Save Up A Lot of Money Fast

What to buy for savings

Contribution to self-development

The most reliable investment is an investment in yourself. Health, education, picture of the world - these categories are priceless, but surprisingly, all this can be obtained completely free of charge or at a substantial discount.
Note that this is not a waste of money. A healthy spine, which you can straighten and strengthen for three months of yoga, will allow you to save 5-10 years and live these years much more efficiently, with a large reserve of activity. Such training is especially useful for girls. Issue price of 5-8 thousand rubles. But you must admit, it is much more pleasant and profitable if you spend the same three months on taking expensive and bitter medicines. In addition, sports will give you a huge surge of strength - the money will pay off almost immediately.
As for education, it's never too late to get it. By moving away, for example, to the photographer’s courses and buying a good camera (it will take from 30 to 100 thousand rubles), you will discover new horizons of opportunities. First, such a thing, if you arrange everything correctly, can bring good money in a short time.And secondly, you will do what you like, and you will not notice yourself how you will become a welcome guest at many parties, meet new bright people.One of the easiest ways to get an education are books and information products.

Investment in efficiency

Many have heard the expression "one head is good, but two is better." But for some reason, few want to use hired labor, increasing their personal effectiveness. Meanwhile, these days it has become quite a simple and inexpensive expense. On the stock exchanges of remote workers, such as Free-lance, freelansim.ru, you can find hundreds of qualified people who want to get interesting tasks and earn some money. Well, they can reassign most of the basic work.Wherever you want to spend your savings, remember, money should work for you, be an asset, bringing you new earnings. So think carefully before you decide what your finances will do.
Let's see how it works. For example, you are a programmer, and the boss asks you to write a small script.

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What to buy for savings

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What to buy for savings

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