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What you can not talk on the first date

You have made a suitable makeup, hairstyle, manicure, dressed neatly, now it is worth thinking about what to say. To do this, you should know about the forbidden topics of the first date.

About the former

Refrain from curses, quibbles, and gossip about a former partner, from stories about failure in relationships and details of the gap. Who threw whom, under what circumstances, with what facial expression and words - nobody needs to know. It is possible before you a man who will be your chosen one for many years. Why scare him with anger and negativity. The potential groom will be able to assume that you and him will throw mud at him if he decides to part with you. If the conversation about past relationships cannot be avoided, tell about them in general terms with a slight smile, focusing on the fact that you do not hold offense, that the “former” is a good person and you are grateful for the experience.

About trouble

Crying in a vest unfamiliar person - the height of madness.Men are interested in positive ladies without problems, kind, smiling, ready to listen and support. Therefore, to throw out a pile of troubles on your head means to do everything so that the first date becomes the last.

About the material condition

Any young man will be alerted by questions about his work, income. If he is well off, he will avoid keeping women; if it is limited in means - it is unpleasant for him to admit his inability to earn a lot.

About family tree

The first date is not the best time for a tedious four-generation family tree story. Your relatives will find out about relatives if they wish and later. It is not worth scaring him with the need to get acquainted with his mother.

About future plans

Oddly enough, but this is better to keep silent. After all, if they do not fundamentally coincide with his plans, then this is a significant reason to stop communicating. And if love overtakes you, you will be ready to change everything overnight.

About yourself superlatives

Something about yourself will still have to tell. Try not to throw out right away how people around you admire you, and how talented you have been growing up since childhood.Keep it simple, leave riddles for the future, but by all means mention an optimistic outlook on things and your kindness.


If you do not want to fall into the category of girls for one night, it is better to bypass the topic of intimate intimacy with humor and tact, joking and making it clear the framework of your propriety.

It is difficult to avoid mistakes at the first date, but whether you will remember them with laughter afterwards or with horror and shame separately, it only depends on you.

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What you can not talk on the first date

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What you can not talk on the first date

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