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When the wedding is not performed in Orthodox churches

The sacrament of church marriage can not be committed on the days of four long posts. So, they do not marry on the Nativity Post (November 28 to January 7), Lent (time of abstinence is always unique, so you need to look at the church calendar), Assumption Post (August 14 - 28) and Petrov Post (starts at different times, but ends July, 12). In the Orthodox tradition, fasting is a time of abstinence, when marriages are forbidden.

The sacrament of the wedding is not performed in the temples on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as these days precede the fast days of Wednesday and Friday and Sunday holidays. In addition, the wedding is prohibited on the eve of the greatest religious holidays, called the Twelve. Such, for example, as the Nativity of Christ, the Ascension, the Transfiguration, the Baptism of the Lord, the Nativity of the Virgin and several others.On the eve of some other great holidays, such as the Protection of the Mother of God, the newlyweds also cannot witness their love union.

There are certain weeks during which the sacrament of the wedding is not performed. These include Yule, Shrovetide, Light Week (week).

In the liturgical tradition of the church there is a special strict fast day, when the Beheading of John the Baptist is remembered. Neither the day itself (September 11), nor on the eve of the wedding is not performed.

Another practice where the wedding does not go to the Church is the eve of temple holidays. These celebrations for each temple of their own. It is necessary to know in honor of which saint or holiday the House of God is consecrated.

On all other days of the calendar year, the wedding sacrament is performed in all Orthodox churches. Therefore, before planning a church marriage, you must first clearly select the allowed date.

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When the wedding is not performed in Orthodox churches

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When the wedding is not performed in Orthodox churches

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