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When will public television appear in Russia?

The main difference of public television is that it should not depend or submit to the state. Nevertheless, the forms of public control are still presented in foreign analogues. The work of public television should be regulated by special national legislation. For example, the Air Force is a British corporation, ruled by the Royal Charter. According to information from RIA Novosti, the composition of the Russian OTB Council will be approved by the President of the Russian Federation. The Council will be the main governing body of the new TV channel. In June 2012, a list of candidates for the board was announced.
Studies have been conducted, according to which about 30% of the respondents reacted positively to the fact that the chief editor (director general) will be appointed by the head of state. The overwhelming majority of them positively characterize the president and the ruling party.24% of respondents had the opposite opinion. OTV antagonists are inclined to believe that the bosses appointed by the president are already dependent on him, and therefore such television cannot be called public. When asked whether you are ready to pay contributions for the maintenance of OTB, 80% of Russians answered negatively.
There is an opinion that the base for the new TV channel will be the Zvezda TV channel. According to the presidential decree, members of the council can be appointed for a five-year term, participate in the activities of the TV channel free of charge, elect deputies and the chairman of the council, and their duties include compulsory collection at least once every 3 months. Those who are civil servants, a member of the public chamber, a deputy and a senator of the State Duma do not have the right to become members of the council.
At the moment there is already a network analogue of public television - COTB. It has an official website, as well as a management that operates in accordance with international acts: it is intended for the public, financed by the public, verified by the public.

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When will public television appear in Russia?

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