How to Invest: Invest Your First 00

Where to invest money?

Bank deposits or otherwise deposits.
One of the main advantages of investing in a bank is that you probably know the amount of money that you will receive after a certain period of time.
In addition, banks, as usual, insure deposits up to 700 thousand rubles. Therefore, if you intend to invest a larger amount of money in the bank, it is better to open 2 separate deposits.
Mutual investment funds.
The second most popular way to invest finance is mutual funds � a collective financial instrument in which the money of each investor �folds up� into a common pot and then is multiplied by professional traders. The main task of such managers is the search for stocks with the probability of their further growth.
Investing in securities, called shares, gives the right to receive part of the profit in the event of an increase in their prices. However, you shouldn�t be particularly happy - the cost can both fly up and fall.
Securities, called bonds, as well as shares confirm the right of their owner to receive some of thearrived. But the main difference between bonds is that this financial instrument is by no means for those who like to take risks.
Cumulative life insurance.
Ordinary insurance is only useful if something happens to you. Cumulative life insurance allows you to receive monthly payments until the end of your days.
General funds of banking management.
OFBU - the same mutual funds, however, with more investment opportunities. On the one hand, it is more profitable, but on the other - just as risky.
Structural (structured) products.
The essence of this financial instrument is very simple - a part of finance (about 90%) is invested in a bank, and the rest is invested in options and futures.
This profitable scheme allows in the worst case to stay with their money, and at best - to make a profit of 20-30%.
Gold and precious metals.
Investing in gold is very profitable during the reign of the crisis. However, as soon as the crisis receded, the price of precious metals inevitably falls.
The property.
Investments in real estate usually occur during the construction phase. Then a square meter costs several times less than when building a building.
One of the most unpredictable ways to invest money. Business, in its essence, is unlimited dividends, the level of which depends only on your efficiency and inventiveness.

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Images: Where to invest money Where to invest money
Images: Where to invest money Where to invest money
Images: Where to invest money Where to invest money