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Why do petunia seedlings die after germination

You will need
  • - Petunia seeds;
  • - antifungal medication;
  • - iron fertilizer;
  • - water.
Mass death of seedlings, which have not yet dropped the seed coat, most often occurs due to poor quality of seeds. In this case, most likely, it will not be possible to save the seedlings, it remains only to acquire new seeds, preferably in proven stores, and plant them, having previously disinfected both the planting material and the soil.
It happens that plants can not lose the shell because of dry air. It is possible to help saplings, it is necessary only to create favorable conditions - humidity not lower than 80%. Creating a greenhouse is an ideal way out, because with timely watering the humidity will never fall below the specified figure.
If the conditions of detention are met, the shell of the seedlings has already been dropped, while the seedlings fall and die, then in this case, most likely, the cause is in diseases or pests.
It is necessary to carefully examine the plants for the presence of spots, insects, the integrity of the stalks and leaves. Petunia is especially susceptible to fungal diseases (mainly “black leg”), often attacked by aphids, thrips, whitefly and spider mites.
Saplings affected by fungus cannot be saved anymore, they can only be thrown away, while healthy petunias should be transplanted into another soil, decontaminated, and the number of irrigations should be reduced.
As for pests, you can get rid of them with special preparations. It’s not a problem to buy a suitable tool now, many of them do an excellent job from the first time.
If the seedlings of petunia turn yellow and fade, in this case, it is impossible to delay with first aid, however, the actions depend on the diagnosis. need to adjust the watering. Usually, if there is a surplus of moisture in the soil, the leaves turn yellow, then fall, with a lack of moisture, the yellow leaves first dry out, and then fall off.

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How to grow Petunias by seeds Part -1
Why do petunia seedlings die after germination

Growing Petunia from seed, Help, care and instructions
Why do petunia seedlings die after germination

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