How to catch carp that won't bite - how to fish a zig rig.

Why not carp bite

Weather and carp bite

Carp does not bite before a sudden change in weather. But many fishermen note that carp and carp are well caught during thunderstorms. Of course, for security reasons, you should not strive to get to the pond when thunder rumbles and lightning flashes.
During prolonged sweltering heat, when the water temperature rises above +20 ° C, the carp is looking for a fresher place. The fish gets deeper, closer to the cool keys and streams. In extreme heat, the carp loses its appetite and sits in a hole, in the shadow of the shores and plants.
Carp feeds at high temperatures at night - according to the chill. If it is warm for a long time, but sometimes it drizzles light rain, the carp and carp willingly peck. If the temperature drops sharply, the fish cannot boast of a good appetite.
Heavy rain, which causes increased currents, flooding and raises the turbidity from the bottom, causes the carp to hide in still waters. This information will help the fisherman to bring a good catch in bad weather. But you need to know the reservoir very well in order to find the favorite places in which the fish weather out.

Moon, mode, feed and appetite of fish

Some fishermen are convinced that the phases of the moon affect the bite of the carp. They noticed that the worse the fish takes the bait on the flawed moon.
There are certain hours for successful carp fishing, at another time the fish will peck badly or you will not see it at all. Early biting - from dawn to sunrise, the second wave - 6-9 o'clock in the morning, evening biting - 6-9 o'clock in the afternoon. At the very beginning of autumn, when the water is already getting cooler, the morning bite lasts up to 11 hours.
Carp likes to eat well, so you can achieve a successful bite only with a rich nozzle. In the summer, offer fish corn, bread, peas, barley, green peas. The wormwood, earth and dung-worm, pearl barley and shrimps also go well.
Particularly cunning fishermen strung on a single hook and pips, and a live attachment. It turns out a kind of canape for carp. There are special foods for this fish, which are sold in any fishing department.
If the carp does not bite, then you are not bothered with his bait. Experienced fishermen have their own bait scheme. It consists of a specific place, the exact amount of food and its composition. The nozzle in this case is impregnated with the same flavor as the bait.
You can cook the bait most of barley, millet, semolina and pea croup. This porridge must be sticky and very thick so that you can form balls of it and scatter them into the feeding places of the carp.

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Quick Bite Carp Tactics!
Why not carp bite

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